EXPERIENCE - BeamExpress

2002 - 2004

R&D Engineer, then R&D Director

2004 – 2007 (3 yrs)    |  Lausanne, Switzerland

About BeamExpress:

Founded in 2001 and located in Silicon Valley California and in Lausanne Switzerland (45 employees), the start-up BeamExpress developed and produced transceivers and VCSELs for datacom applications. The company was sold in August 2006 to NeoPhotonics Corp., and the Swiss branch was re-started as an independent company through an MBO (downsized to < 10 employees).

My responsabilities:

  • As R&D Engineer (2004-2006): project manager for new product development activities of the semiconductor laser product line (1310nm VCSELs chips for 10 Gbps datacom applications);
  • As R&D Director (2006-2007): after an MBO, restructured the operation activities of the company to reduce cash burn and supervised R&D, production, testing, reliability activities of the company; worked with the CEO to find new investors (VCs and business angels) for rising new capital


Main achievements:

  • Program management of new product development projects
  • Restructured the operation activities of the company to reduce cash burn by 50%
  • Built new partnerships with new contractors to extend the fabless manufacturing model of the company


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